The Department responsible for development of satellite structures such as struts, honeycomb panels, 3D printed parts, satellite central cylinder structures but not limited to these, which are made of metal, composite or hybrid technology. Also for keeping things moving on board satellites, the Department develops and ensures satellite Mechanisms such as solar array drive mechanisms, actuators and sensing, deployment and separation, pointing and positioning mechanisms that point solar generators, thrusters, antennas and instruments in the right direction in extreme conditions, with utmost precision and reliability.
The Department provides satellite with separation systems, payload adapters and dispensers. builds Mechanical Ground Support Equipment, Thermal Equipment for thermal control, especially Multi-Layer Insulation, heat pipes, thermal coating, etc.
Furthermore, Spacecraft Structures and Mechanisms Department arranging for satellite environmental testing facilities such as vibration test chamber for as vibration test, acoustic test chamber, thermal vacuum chamber and anechoic chamber for EMC tests. Responsible for satellite assemble, integration and testing (AIT) operations. The department is headed by Engr.( Dr.) Yusuf Olatunbosun Tafa.