1.   What goes on in CSTD?


  • CSTD is tasked with the exclusive mandate to be the primary focus for the development of satellite payloads for various space applications such as remote sensing, communication, navigation and so on.


    2.  Is CSTD affiliate with NASRDA?

Yes CSTD is affiliated with NASRDA. It is one of the seven (7) activity centres of NASRDA.


    3. How many Centres does NASRDA have?

NASRDA has seven (7) activity centres. These are;

  • Centre for Satellite Technology Development (CSTD) Abuja
  • Centre for Atmospheric Research (CAR) Anyingba-Kogi State
  • Centre for Space Transport and Propulsion (CSTP) Epe – Lagos State
  • Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics (CGG) Toro – Bauchi State
  • Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS) Nsukka –Enugu State
  • National Centre for Remote Sensing (NCRS) Jos – Plateau State
  • African Regional Centre for Space Science & Technology Education in English (ARCSSTE-E) Ile-Ife –Osun state


      4.     Is there sufficient technical resources to deploy another national space mission?                                                                                         

Yes, there are sufficient technical resources to deploy another national space mission. Since its last launch, the number of Scientists and Engineers has increased and has also been trained locally and internationally.

     5.  How many satellites has Nigeria launched?

Nigeria has launched five (5) Satellites. There are;

  • NigeriaSat-1 launched in September 2003
  • NigComSat-1 launched in May 2007
  • NigeriaSat-2 launched in August 2011
  • NigeriaSat-X launched in August 2011
  • NigComSat-1R launched in December 2011


     6.   How many satellites does Nigeria have?

The NASRDA launched five (5) satellites into orbit, however, the NigComSat-1 which was launched in May of 2007 failed and had to be de-orbited and replaced by NigComSat-1R.


    7.   What does the satellites do?

The NigeriaSat-1, NigeriaSat-X and NigeriaSat-2 satellites are Earth Observation (EO) satellites equipped with optical imaging payloads applications for disaster monitoring, agriculture, forestry, desertification, land-cover mapping, urban planning, surveillance, defence and security etc.   


NigComSat-1 and NigComSat-1R are communication satellites under the control of the Federal Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy


   8.  Is there a space museum and can anyone visit?

Yes, there is a space museum located at the Obasanjo Space Centre. Anyone can visit. As long as such person/group make an application to the Director General of the Agency informing him of their intended visit stating the type and number of people. Quite a number of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions have visited the National Space Museum on school excursions/visits since it was established.