The Ground segment is responsible for managing the satellite launched in space. It host all activities including commanding the satellite for control and payload operations, image data download and telemetry data for monitoring the health of the satellite in space. The current installed Ground Segment of the Centre is capable of managing multi-satellite missions including Nigeriasat-2, Nigeriasat-X and other satellites as required. The station is composed of an agile 7.3m Antenna dish. The system is designed to last in operation for up to forty years with the required maintenance management. The station is also installed with 3.7m dish which was used to serve the Nigeriasat-1 operations launched 2003.

The basic divisions of the Ground Segment include Mission operation and data processing, Mission control, Antenna system, Power, Design divisions, Control systems, Training and imaging units.

Dr. Sanusi Mohammed is the Head of Ground Segment Department.